Buddhists Endorse Donald Trump For President Of The United States Of America!

The Nikaya Dhamma Society was founded to preserve and expound historical and orthodox Buddhism. While we do not normally endorse presidential candidates or involve ourselves in the political process, in this case we are compelled to make an exception. Donald Trump stands out alone among all the candidates for president of the United States as the one man speaking up against illegal immigration and the threat of radical Islam. He is the only candidate not afraid to take on political correctness and to offer the American people straight talk, repudiating dishonest political correctness. With great pleasure, we endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Radical Islam continues to menace Buddhist Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand as well as Europe. Radical Islam does not seek understanding, dialogue or tolerance with other religions or cultures, it seeks only conquest. We can ignore this truth at our peril, or we can acknowledge it and respond accordingly. In the past Islam conquered several formerly Buddhist nations. Islam conquered Buddhist Indonesia, and Buddhist women and children were enslaved and raped by terrorist Muslim savages. Real Buddhists have never forgotten that fact, nor can we forgive these atrocious crimes.

Those in the conquered lands who were not murdered outright by Muslims were given the choice of conversion or death. Many Buddhist martyrs died rather than renounce Buddhism, while others hoped to preserve their lives by taking leave of their conscience and personal honor to join those who murdered their families and came to enslave their land. Radical Islam is not a religion, but a dangerous political ideology that seeks conquest, material gain, and the enslavement of others. It is at its core a hedonist ideology motivated by a lust for power, wealth, material goods, and sexual immorality.

Like Communism, radical Islam divides the world into two territories, those under its rule, and those lands which are not yet conquered. The end goal is the total enslavement of the world. For this reason, we must be ever vigilant against the threat that it represents to our freedom. We cannot compromise with it, and we cannot afford to ignore it. We must respond to this threat with absolute force, strength of will, and stalwart determination. If we fail to do so, we will be destroyed, our children will be taken from us, to be raped and enslaved, and human civilization on this planet will be destroyed forever. If our enemy wins, a fate far worse than death awaits us. Radical Islam must be destroyed from this planet. It is a cancer that must be cut off from humanity with a scalpel.

There are those in America who profess the ideology of “Western” Buddhism, and teach a “Buddhism” separated from its historic moral positions. Real Buddhism, regardless of the school, has always regarded abortion as murder. It is the taking of innocent human life. This is a matter of scientific fact and not an opinion. Historic Buddhism has upheld sexual morality, and opposed homosexuality. Historic Buddhism does not tolerate that which is contrary to nature, unhealthy, and destructive toward society. Contrary to the misunderstanding of many in the west, even many of those who claim to be “Buddhist,” historic Buddhism upholds the justness of the death penalty and it always has. The second amendment to the US Constitution is fully in line with Buddhist teachings.

Some attack and revile Donald Trump because of his great success as a businessman. He is a very wealthy and successful man. Many deride him for this, perhaps out of jealousy. Yet, imagine what good Kamma (Karma) Mr. Trump must have accumulated in order to enjoy such success? Indeed, Mr. Trump has a long history of supporting charitable causes and the less fortunate. Mr. Trump also has shown himself willing to defend his country, even when it is contrary to his business and financial interests. The Buddha himself was born a wealthy prince, would liberals be prejudiced against him too? Sometimes people criticize Mr. Trump for using harsh language toward others. Yet, as the late Barry Goldwater observed “Extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” The Buddha did not use sugar coated PC language when speaking of crooked and dishonest criminals.

We must recognize that the entire western world, and even the entire civilized world, is now at war with radical Islam. This is not a war we asked for, but it is here, and we must win it. Closing our eyes, smiling, and offering to embrace our enemy is worse than foolish, it is deadly insanity. Radical Islam, in the form of ISIS is a dangerous and totalitarian political ideology. America requires a strong president who is able to face this threat with stoic courage and determination! Western civilization cannot survive if its leaders are weak willed wimps. Europe too requires new leadership, and we welcome the rise of nationalist parties there, willing to demand a halt to Muslim immigration.

Countless jobs have left the US and have been outsourced to exploit slave labor conditions in Communist China, harming American workers, and enabling the continued exploitation of Chinese people by their oppressive and inhumane government. Communism has also ravaged Buddhist lands. Buddhist monks have been murdered, nuns have been raped, and Buddhist monasteries and statues destroyed by fanatical Communist criminal thugs.

Communism is evil, and we need a strong leader who is not afraid to criticize it and stand up to it. Too many American presidents have been lap dogs for the Communists.
As Buddhists in America, we are Americans. It is our duty to help to make America a better, stronger, and safer nation. Espousing liberal pablum like “guns are bad” and “the death penalty is wrong” or calling for amnesty for illegal aliens does not help America. Fake liberal “Buddhists” do that, real ones do not, and we condemn their lies! We would be honored if Mr. Trump would send us an autographed picture, to hang in a place of prominence at our Center. Donald Trump’s courage and forthright honesty has inspired Americans to speak their minds, and stand up against the threats faced by our nation.

For the first time in my life time, I am seeing a presidential candidate who isn’t afraid to take on the liberal media and call them out on their lies, and they lie all the time! The media is now bewildered, confused and afraid. They often break down and have tantrums on the air, unable to deal with the fact that someone finally is defending himself against them effectively, and their usual lies are not sticking. Donald Trump knows how to handle the media and he’s giving them a run for their money. Donald Trump will make America great again! Donald Trump will be an American Caesar!

Orthodox Buddhism based on the ancient Pali Nikayas has five precepts.

1. Abstain from killing
2. Abstain from taking what is not given.
3. Abstain from sexual misconduct
4. Abstain from false speech
5. Abstain from intoxicants

How does Donald Trump line up with real Buddhist values? Donald Trump will prevent more American deaths from terrorist attacks by radical Muslims as well as murders by illegal aliens. Donald Trump is pro-life and will end funding for planned parenthood which kills innocent babies in the womb. Donald Trump will stop the massive theft of our liberties by the US government, the worst kind of theft. Donald Trump’s election and the defeat of the liberal Democrats will be a great defeat for the forces of immorality. Bill Clinton was a philanderer, a sexual deviant, and has been accused of sexual harassment and even rape. Donald Trump loves his family and his children and grandchildren – and his country! Donald Trump gives us straight talk, without politically correct lies. Donald Trump never drinks or uses any illegal drugs!

Liberals and democrats who profess to believe in Buddhism, but who in reality believe in a false heretical western counterfeit Buddhism and who support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, do not know what real Buddhism is and consequently they should refrain from expressing their erroneous views. They are fools and ignoramuses who know nothing about early Buddhism, its teachings, or texts. They are hedonistic and murderous degenerates with no morals or values. To use some Trumpian straight talk they are pathetic losers and trash and they should all shut up! Liberal frauds, put down your cannabis joints and pick up Buddhist texts! Educate yourselves and stop mindlessly parroting media lies.

Real American Buddhists who love their country endorse Donald Trump! Counterfeit fake “Buddhists” hate Trump because they are a bunch of entitled, whiney, hippy pansies who want other people’s money, who hate the successful, who delight in victim politics and who are blind to the real threats this nation faces. They are adult children who never grew up and who refuse to take responsibility for their lives and formulate a serious worldview based on reality. They will vote for liberal Democrats like a dog returning to his own vomit. Liberal fake “Buddhists” are contemptible vermin! Real Buddhists delight in Donald Trump’s candidacy. Let us pray for Donald Trump daily and for his continued success. May our country prove worthy of such a fine man and leader! Let’s make America great again!

– Nikaya Dhamma Society

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