This is the website of the Nikaya Dhamma Society.

We seek friendship and collaboration with like minded traditional Buddhists around the world.

We believe that our practice of Buddhism should endeavor to be faithful to the traditional teachings of the religion, based on the most ancient sources. We reject “Western Buddhism” and regard it as a very serious heresy and deviation from authentic Buddhism.

We believe the best way to experience Buddhism is to read, study, and practice it. We must seek to incorporate our Buddhist practice into our daily lives.

We seek to strongly promote Buddhist meditation and practice and spread the Dhamma.

We believe in emphasizing the socially conservative nature of Buddhist values in contrast to modern trends. The values of Buddhism are changeless. Buddhism is strictly opposed to abortion (having always regarded it as an act of murder), homosexual acts, fornication (sexual misconduct is prohibited, and historically this has always been understood to include sexual activity outside of marriage), adultery, drug and alcohol abuse and other vices. Buddhism also upholds traditional patriarchal positions on family, society and governance.

Feminism is entirely contrary to Buddhism, and to nature. Buddhist principles support compassion and kindness towards animals, however Buddhism is not in any sense a “liberal” religion.

When an individual seeks to present himself so as to be “all things to all people” invariably he either misrepresents himself or ends up saying nothing at all! This is also true for organizations as well.

The idea that somehow, the further away from historical ancient Buddhism we get, in terms of time, and location, as well as culture, we somehow are better able to understand the Buddha’s original teachings is untenable and silly. Serious seekers of truth cannot entertain such a hypothesis. “Western Buddhists” see Buddhism through the lens of their own modern liberal humanist worldview. It is a form of prejudice, which impairs their ability to objectively study Buddhist texts and teachings.

We must seek to educate those who misunderstand Buddhism and also to correct those who far worse would misrepresent Buddhism in order to further a decadent and immoral social agenda at the expense of our rich, beautiful, meaningful spiritual tradition.

We will not stand idly by while degenerates seek to sully the Dhamma and tarnish our faith with their deliberate falsehoods and misrepresentations. Honor demands that we speak out and explicitly refute their false claims. The cause of propagating the truth requires no less.

We believe that it is incumbent upon every Buddhist to study the Tipitaka and to practice regular meditation. Ultimately in Buddhism an individual must save themselves through their own efforts.

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