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In Defense of Donald Trump

This post is a response to the above article in Elephant Journal By D. Patrick Miller titled “Donald Trump’s Tremendous Adventure In Buddhist Hell”

Real Buddhists who are also patriotic Americans love Donald Trump and recognize that his policies are immensely good for America and the world. To accuse Donald Trump of racism is nothing short of outrageous libel! Donald Trump is supported by many Americans of different ethnic backgrounds and religions because they recognize that his policies are sound and good. I know of multiple African-Americans of prominence who have publicly and proudly endorsed Donald Trump.

The simplistic and nonsensical insinuation of the author seems to be that merely opposing illegal immigration makes one a racist. It does not. Illegal immigrants broke the law, they are criminals. Illegal aliens from Mexico also commit murder and rape at higher rates than Americans. That’s not racism, that’s a fact! You can pretend that fact does not exist, but you cannot make it go away! Solutions to problems remain especially elusive when many ignorant people refuse to recognize those problems exist.

Opposing the immigration of Muslims to the US likewise does not make one a racist or a bigot of any kind. Opposing such immigration is an immensely sensibly and morally urgent position. Need I remind the author of formerly Buddhist nations which were conquered by Muslims? For the record, at least one Muslim imam agreed with Trump’s remarks about curtailing Muslim immigration! He recognized that it does pose a danger to the US, as some percentage of radical Muslims are terrorists or sympathize with terrorists. In Muslim-Sharia nations Buddhists are not free to practice their religion.

According to the Center for Security Policy, in June 2015, 38% of Muslim-Americans said that the Islamic State’s beliefs are “Islamic” or “correct.” Let’s make this clear, a significant number of Muslims in the US would like to require American women to wear a burqa by law. They believe that a man should not be be convicted of rape unless there are four male witnesses (how often does that happen?), that homosexuals should be killed, and that it is morally acceptable to enslave and rape “infidel” females, including children. This author is a wilfully blind, naive and liberal ignoramus. Trump’s policies would protect America, liberal open border policies toward radical Muslims will destroy it!

Mr. Miller you sully and degrade Buddhism when you dare to speak of it. You should refrain from speaking until you educate yourself! This hit piece on Donald Trump is un-American drivel. This is liberal pablum. Please don’t sully Buddhism by trying to associate your liberal views with our noble religion! Buddhism and modern liberalism / pseudo-progressivism are diametrically opposed! There are none so blind as those who refuse to open their eyes! You are and I am sure will remain, willfully ignorant.

The Nikaya Dhamma Society has endorsed Donald Trump for President!

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